“Tehran Debut Concerts” July 2018

On 16th & 17th July 2018, the musicians of THE INTERNVA PROJECT, four Europeans and eight Iranians, performed two sold-out concerts at Vahdat Hall. An 80th Birthday tribute concert to Loris Tjeknavorian and a programme titled “Night of Minimalists”.

The concerts were held in aid of the charity ILYA (Working Children) and were sponsored by the NIKAN Hospital.  Both concerts were filmed thanks to the support of the Iran Heritage Foundation. Excerpts from the performances of music by Nyman, Reich, Shostakovich and Tjeknavorian are on the preview music video.  The full-length Vahdat Hall concert video is available on request.

THE INTERNAVA PROJECT, music makers - no borders, has been under development since April 2017, and is a unique artistic collaboration between exceptionally fine European and Iranian musicians and composers.

INTERNAVA concerts have now taken place in London and Tehran and the outstanding young Iranian pianist, Ashkan Layegh, has won a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music, the first to achieve this honour since the Revolution.

Future plans include touring the musicians of THE INTERNAVA PROJECT around the world with world-class soloists and the commissioning of new works, including a story-telling symphonic piece, ZAL AND THE PHOENIX, an adaptation of the original 1000 year-old story by Ferdowsi from his epic book the SHAHNAMEH, for children and family audiences, translated into 8 languages.


Artistic Director: Mark Stephenson

Violin: Darragh Morgan (Director/Leader), Bardia Kiaras, Amir Bavarchi, Victoria Mavromoustaki, Tina Jame Garmi, Mehdi Javanbakht

Viola:Miguel Sobrinho, Niloofar Sohi, Danial Jourabchi

Cello:Pedro Silva, Makan Khoinejad, Negar Norad.

Piano:Ashkan Layegh